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Below are some samples of participant feedback, throughout the history of the Tufts Health Care Institute (THCI) Mini-Rotation on the Health Care System:

“This program filled a void in traditional medical training; I wish every resident could take it.”

“The course really opened my eyes to changes in health care; I look forward to sharing information with colleagues.”

“Great understanding of the critical leadership role that primary care physicians need to take.”

“I can’t imagine going forward without this information; encourages me to take a leadership role in the future.”

“I am developing a health policy elective for my program and will use this material as a model.”

“This fantastic course allowed participants to see the big picture of the new U.S. health care system.”

“Useful to understand the trends in health insurance and to see providers’ responsibility for rising health care costs.”

“A good way to learn what skills are needed to approach population health.”

“I now realize the role of quality monitoring and measurement; interesting to hear how quality reporting is affecting practices.”

“An imperative and critical course to understand the health policy side of things.”

“Great insights into details of the health care delivery process and the financial aspects.”

“I now have a personal sense of urgency to do more than “just” clinical care.”

“The program was immensely helpful! It made me consider working in health care policy, which I had not entertained seriously.”

“Reinforced my feeling that we should be trained in systems-based and inter-disciplinary practice to promote more effective, coordinated care.”

“I will increase my colleagues’ awareness of the current health care system.”

“Extremely helpful for understanding the U.S. health care system and appreciating the roles of various players in delivering care.”

“I now know what is driving reform in our country and who the key players are.

“I see that it’s a complicated system we’re all trying to function in and there are forces from all directions affecting insurance policies.”

“I will make additional efforts to practice in more cost conscious, quality focused ways.”

“I appreciate this opportunity and will try to incorporate the experience into my future practice and improving the system.”