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There is an extensive body of information on the health care system overall and all the topics addressed in the Mini-Rotation. This section describes Tufts Health Care Institute’s (THCI) steps to provide materials to the residents participating in the program. It also offers resources for educators and their training programs to stay abreast of new developments and reports.

Mini-Rotation Bibliography and Reading Assignments

THCI created and distributed a lengthy bibliography along with other course materials. The readings were derived by THCI staff from journals and organizations’ websites, and they covered the topics featured in the program. If an item was online, the link’s URL was given.

About 4-6 weeks before the program, participants were sent a list of selected references from the larger bibliography and encouraged to read some articles as context for the sessions.

In assembling the bibliography, THCI staff invited the faculty presenters to recommend references, and also to distribute materials from their organizations to complement their sessions.

The 15-page Bibliography posted here for your review was created in 2015, so it should be updated by faculty wanting to teach this content. Note also that some references are specific to Massachusetts.

Download THCI’s Bibliography »

Sources for Updated and Additional Information

Faculty and programs wishing to offer a version of the Mini-Rotation or comparable instruction will want to provide more recent references. These would include updated data (e.g., health care costs per capita and rate of growth), new models and pilot programs for delivering and financing care (e.g., the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Innovation Center), and legislative developments (e.g., the status of the Affordable Care Act).

The resources listed here can help you, your faculty, and your learners keep up with the evolving health care environment.

  • A guide to Trusted Sources developed by THCI. The 18-page document lists organizations and websites, grouped by category, that contain useful content on health care and the delivery system. Each listing has an annotated description that highlights its mission and activities and the URL. Major categories include The Health Care System, Delivery System Organizations, and Delivery System Redesign.
    Download the THCI list of Trusted Sources »

  • Commentaries and articles in journals and publications. General focus journals like JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine and Health Affairs report routinely on new events in Washington DC, major reports from bodies like the Institute of Medicine, and emerging pilots and programs impacting care delivery and financing. In addition, specialty-specific journals like Annals of Internal Medicine and Journal of the American College of Surgeons provide similar information for their members and professionals. Many specialty societies also have their newsletters and online updates addressing health care issues beyond clinical topics.

  • SPF Health Blog. This helpful blog on the health care environment is written and continuously updated by Signe Peterson Flieger, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine and the Tufts Health Plan Professor of Health Care Policy Research at Tufts University School of Medicine. Among several topics on the health care and insurance systems, the ACA Watch monitors the status of the Affordable Care Act.