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To create a strong teaching and learning experience, we recommend engaging faculty presenters from multiple sectors in the health care system. These individuals should possess both deep knowledge and practical experience, as well as excellent presentation skills.

Tufts Health Care Institute (THCI) drew upon local health professionals; consulted with colleagues on faculty recommendations; and sought assistance from our partnering organizations, Tufts University School of Medicine and Tufts Health Plan. THCI included in our seminar faculty representatives from the following health care stakeholders:

    • Providers (hospitals, health centers, and community-based practices);
    • Health insurers (commercial, Medicare, Medicaid);
    • Purchasers and employers;
    • Regulatory and monitoring organizations (public sector oversight agencies, legislators, public and private quality review organizations); and
    • Academia.

See representative job titles for several THCI faculty presenters, organized by sector.

Course Director: THCI also identified a Course Director or two Co-Directors, who helped to plan the course and lead it during the week it was held. Ideally, the Course Director(s) should:

  • Have a high level of familiarity with the U.S. health care system and the issues addressed in the course. (For this role, THCI recruited physicians who were or had been chief medical officers at health plans.)
  • Collaborate with THCI staff members to develop objectives and topics and assist with selecting faculty.
  • Begin each day with an introduction to the daily theme and lead discussions with the residents on what they are learning.
  • Act as course moderator, i.e., introduce faculty and the topics and provide commentary after each session.

Faculty Support and Guidance: THCI asked faculty to address specific themes and topics in the Mini-Rotation. Based on our experience, we offer helpful tips for engaging individual presenters in the context of the course goals and objectives.