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Tufts Health Care Institute (THCI) developed a 25-question, multiple-choice instrument to test respondents’ knowledge of the health care system related to such topics as public and private insurance plans, reimbursement models, health care costs and cost control strategies, delivery system structures, and utilization management tools.

Participants answered the same set of questions before and after the program. One of the answer choices to all questions was “don’t know,” and respondents were instructed to select “don’t know” rather than guess.

When compared with the pre-program test, the post-program Knowledge Assessment consistently reflected high rates of correct responses and fewer “don’t know” answers. In 2015, for example, aggregate scores on the pre/post knowledge assessment improved from 44% correct responses on the pre-test to 66% correct on the post-test, with a decrease in “don’t know” from 32% of all responses to only 5% of responses.

Users may view and download the THCI Knowledge Assessment, but please note that the version posted here was last updated in 2015. Some questions/answers may no longer be accurate: actual data and projections have changed since 2015, tools and techniques of care delivery are adjusted or re-labeled, and the political landscape continues to evolve.

Downloadable information and materials regarding the knowledge assessment: