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Participants were required to complete and submit an evaluation of the program. They received the evaluation form at the start of the week and were encouraged to rate the sessions at the end of each day, before handing in the full evaluation at the end of the Mini-Rotation.

Attendees were asked to rate:

  • Each presentation on two dimensions—”Usefulness of this session for my medical education and training” and “Effectiveness of presentation.” Respondents were also invited to enter free-text comments on the session and the faculty.
  • The three group exercises indicating their usefulness, whether they learned something new, and would recommend it to other residents. Respondents could also enter free-text comments on the exercise and suggestions for improvement.
  • Assessment instruments (opinion survey and knowledge assessment)—Indicating if the respondent felt each assignment added value and if he/she would recommend it to other residents.
  • Overall program evaluation—Rating the usefulness and quality of the entire Mini-Rotation.
  • Most and least valuable parts of the program, and suggestions for improvement: Free-text comments.

As noted above, the Post-Program Opinion Survey, assigned to the participants for completion within two weeks after the program, included additional feedback questions. Respondents indicated whether they would recommend the course to other residents in their institution, and they selected from a list of ways they could share what they learned with colleagues and faculty. In addition, a free-text question asked: “Please reflect on how the Mini-Rotation affected your knowledge, perceptions, or attitudes. Specifically, what changes will you make in your practice and career choices, as a result of your experiences this past week?”

Downloadable information and materials regarding the evaluation form